Conditioning with (not only) sounds

Switching: being a Master and a slave
November 12, 2019
Gear is not consent
March 21, 2020
Switching: being a Master and a slave
November 12, 2019
Gear is not consent
March 21, 2020
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I’m sure you remember the story of Pavlov’s dog. The animal was given food at the same time that a bell would ring, so at some point the dog had been conditioned to associate the sound of the bell, which was causing salivation, the body anticipating the food to come. This is called conditioning, very much used in M/s when training a slave, to reinforce and address behaviors. Sometimes associated with reward, sometimes with punishment.

When the conditioning is related to sounds, smells and touch, it opens a new dimension at play.

I can tell you that sounds are very powerful. With some repeated conditioning, you can create an association to a sound, anticipating a specific reward or a punishment that will cause the trained conditioned response: maybe fear to the corrective punishment, maybe pleasure with an  immediate heat down there…

The slave’s mind starts adapting and getting ready for what is going to come, helping to accept it in advance, feeling excitement and gratitude for a desired scene, or diving into more submission and begging for mercy to avoid something undesired.

As a slave, I’ve been strongly conditioned, like an animal, to a specific metallic one, that in me anticipates a scene with my Master where I will serve Him with my pain, my offering, my sacrifice. It’s the sound of a massive gag. Well, precisely the sound of its buckle that is used to properly fix it behind my neck. When I hear it, I get an immediate hard on and mentally wag my tail. My cock immediately starts dripping.

I have played many times with my Master, and most of them involved this beloved object, and at the same time creating  a very intense bond and conditioning with it. It was indeed used in the first session.

I have many images from that first session – images from the moment that I kneed in front of my Master, enjoying the smell of leather and licking His armpits and boots, the play on the St. Andrew’s cross. But the one image that comes more vivid is that first trip on the spanking bench. Very much remembered.

My body was lying on a well padded surface, feeling the straps restraining hard, one at a time – my hands, my feet, and finally the big belt fixing my back to the surface. I couldn’t move my body, except the head. I was diving on that moment, watching and smelling the leather worn by my Master. Smell of leather and His sweat after the previous flogging on the cross.

He suddenly showed me the big gag. A wide strap with the biggest bite piece I’ve ever seen. Master started making my mouth familiar to the size, fucking my mouth with the gag, not all of it but gradually. I was growling while my cock was dripping. I remember well when He suddenly pushed it all inside, His eyes sparkling in sadism while closing the buckle behind my neck very tight.

I really couldn’t speak, there is no way of speaking with it. I realized that it was not a hard material like wood, but sort of soft while remaining solid. I could bite it with no fear of destroying, with an external cover of leather. That was just perfect match, as I have some allergy to latex, so I realised I could have this one plugged for long periods if ordered.

The spanking session was exceptional, intense, as many others to come. The bruises would come for sure and I would remember that moment each time I would sit in the following days. I don’t remember if I cried in happiness on that occasion. Other times I have done for sure, always grateful of being that gagged.

Every time I’ve played with my Master since then, the gag has been there. My Master loves to have His slave silent, and I can really focus and enjoy the pain, release the energy with muttered screams, growling and moaning behind it.

My slave is already learning some sounds and smells, recognizing them and reacting at each of them. The sound when shaking the pinwheel close to the slave’s ear, anticipating hard torture. The terrible magnet balls that destroy gradually the nipples while increasing the pressure as they come closer (really terrible ones, but very effective). The smell of the leather strips of the favorite flogger, placed below my blindfolded slave’s nose to anticipate flogging.

I do those things while I cause  some additional excitement, like nipple and genital play, to add pleasure to the conditioned reaction.

When we are meeting in a vanilla context for a beer in-between sessions, sometimes my slave takes out the brat side to test my dominance and becomes very cocky.

Now I can bring those objects that generate the sound. I don’t need to use them on my slave in the pub, I just need to shake them, hidden inside a bag. Then I can see the sudden excitement spark in his eyes, the position changing to mitigate the arising hard on, or maybe a sudden submission brought by the sound of the pinwheel or the magnetic balls.

Punishment reminders are necessary for the proper training, and spice up those pub gatherings.

And at some point, conditioning allows the slave mindset to start the flight quicker at a higher altitude, as this new flight starts reinforced by the previous fulfilling experiences. And the subspace journey starts earlier, and lasts longer.

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