Kinky self pleasures: stretching and sounding

Kinky self pleasures: CBT
January 10, 2021
Electrosex: surfing the crest of the wave
January 24, 2021
Kinky self pleasures: CBT
January 10, 2021
Electrosex: surfing the crest of the wave
January 24, 2021
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Happy belated International Fetish Day! Well, it was yesterday, still with the weekend ahead, what a perfect day to be shameless and more open with our sexuality!

Ok, so have you gone through my proposed challenge of wrapping your cock and balls? Did you find pleasure from carrying those bulky balls under your jeans, well pressed when walking, or fucking the bed while smashing your tied nuts? Did you enjoy trying some edging by pressing the shaft and delay the orgasm?

If you did all this and enjoyed it as much as I do, let me make a pair more recommendations, starting with ball stretching. I already pointed into one website when referring the warming up of your balls before tying. You can find there the basic knowledge to start with, together with a few stretchers. Laces and ropes are a great start, but now go for the next level, there is a lot of variety in ball stretching devices, as you can see in MisterB , Meo or DildoKing, two mention a few. Among the BDSM toys, stretchers are pretty affordable and they are a great start for any BDSM toy collection.

Most stretchers fall into 3 categories, based on the material: silicone, leather and metal. The choice is very personal, and I’d say anyone should try at least one in each to find which works better. The most comfortable one for me is indeed leather. However, metal is my preferred, as the weight of it brings more pleasure to me.

For some reason the silicone ones don’t work well for me, I feel that silicone rings are continuously adding pressure due to their elasticity, so my balls ending feeling soar due to the continuous pressure, and I end taking out pretty early. Metal and leather stay the same size, so once my balls get used to the size, I find comfort and I can stand the stretching for ours.

If you try it and you really want to master the technique, check Jarod Johansen’s ball stretching guide. All the credit and my sincere thank you to huesira @ Recon, a serious stretching lover that recommended me this fantastic guide.

Only adding from my own experience, to be extra careful about leaving your balls stretched for the night. Indeed, I would discourage anyone from doing it. I found some posts and forum threads about people doing it, so I tried with a silicone ring, but it seems I move a lot while sleeping, and I ended waking up in the middle of the night with my balls crushed an with inflammation and pain, which stayed for a pair of days. And pain is never good. Maybe you are quieter than me at night, in any case it’s something I won’t do again to myself or any sub.

The other activity I want to recommend exploring is a discovery that drove me pretty crazy in my solo plays: sounding. I guess that once I was getting so much pleasure from stretching my balls and my asshole, it’s not a surprise I went to try sounding, or how to get pleasure from stretching your urethra.

Sounding was intimidating in the beginning, but I was lucky to have it done by a Master with experience. That experience took out any fear, and I let him explore, and I let myself enjoy. And then I found out that it’s very safe if you do it following a very few guidelines, that anyone can explore in his own.

There are different types of pleasures I have experienced through sounding:

  • Gentle friction: also, as each sound is going to grow in width, when finding the limit of your urethra I experience an incredible mind-blowing fuck, feeling the nerves of the cock excited
  • Prostatic pleasure: just with the usual play around the bend is enough to experience an immense pleasure from the direct stimulation of the prostate, which is much more intense than through the anal, due to the fact that the urethra is in direct contact with our beloved prostate.
  • Domination related pleasure: imagine you have your sub tied, cock exposed, and you fuck the cock with a sound. The sub cannot close the cock, differently from the ass. A total loose of control, perfect for the headspace of domination scenes.

Despite silicone sounds are less intense, they are more secure. The advantage of silicone sounds is that they adapt to the urethra, so it’s more difficult to cause damage. I started with metal sounds, as someone with experience introduced the practice, so he was effective in demystifying sounding and bringing assurance of its safety. But I can understand that metal sounds might be intimidating. So if you are thinking of trying yourself, I would recommend starting with silicone sounds.

Never use anything else than material built for the urethral play. You might see people playing with other stuff, but this is REALLY dangerous. As in many things, you will see incredible pictures in Internet inviting to play with anything, but you will never see the reality happening after, reality that exists and that adds content in the medical journals.

So if you are considering trying, I recommend reading this guide thoroughly. It contains all the things you need to know about sounding, how to prepare for it and what to take in account. It’s a pretty safe practice if followed with care, but it still has risks. On top of this guide, let me add here some aspects from my own experience.

Make sure you have everything before starting. You will need:

  • Drink water in advance of the sound play: piss is the best urethral cleaner, so after the session you will want to pee as much as possible to remove things, so make sure you drink in advance, and that you keep drinking after so you can have some “flushes” after. I personally try to have a bit of pee ready for after the party, so don’t start the play with the bladder empty.
  • Latex or vinyl gloves: avoid touching the sounds with fingers, and with the gloves on make sure you don’t touch anything else. Make all the preparations first, clean your hands and then when ready, put the gloves. Make sure the gloves and paper are new and haven’t been in contact with anything. Sterilization is key here, as the main risk is urethral infection. Fingers carry lots of bacteria, so always use 2 gloves so you can touch and stimulate happily without direct contact with fingers. And change gloves if you have touched anything that you shouldn’t. Take decisions like a safety paranoid, but don’t be stressed, don’t act as a paranoid.
  • Paper napkins or kitchen roll: the paper will be used to both create an area for the cleaned sounds ready to be used and another area for the used sounds.
  • Dedicated lube for it: aqueous based lube like E-Z or K-Y work well, it must be sterile. One option are lube sachets like the ones they give you with condoms in many parties, sealed.
  • Alcohol based hand sanitizer: I’m sure you have plenty of this these days. You will use it to clean the sounds after the play and also before a play (together with plenty of soap).
  • (Optional) Urological lube with tetracaine: also, you might want to get (if available in your country) urological lube, which contains tetracaine, a local anesthetic. In Spain, you might find easily under brands Organon, Lubristesic or Lainco, to say a few. Allergic reactions are rare, but check with your doctor and pharmacist about this. I’m not a doctor and it’s your responsibility to check. This is indeed the cream usually used by nurses when inserting catheters to reduce the friction and discomfort. It makes sounding much more comfortable, because the nerve and prostate stimulation are there, but the friction is reduced.
  • (Optional) Syringe (wihtout needle): this is more optional but very effective. One way is loading the lube into the syringe and fill the urethra with it. But you can play without and use the sound to fill the lube.
  • Sounds: if you decide to move to metal rather than starting with silicone, read this guide about the different type of metal sounds. I use Flat Sided Hegar sounds because you get to find your size with no option of forcing things in the prostate area. They are the most common to start with and usually the cheapest.

Find a comfortable place where you can sit well and relax. My preference is the sofa, where I have an area at the side to make the layout of the material, but also an armchair with a table in front of it is a nice idea as well.

If playing with metal sounds, do sounding while sitting, rather than being flat. Gravity must be your ally, never try to make something go in by reversing your body, just to avoid any risk of ending with the sound in the bladder.

You can have the sound go all the way down the cock and see it disappear. Don’t freak out when this happens, is indeed exciting as it will massage the area of the prostate. Just make sure you keep sit. If you want it out, with one hand you can press the guiche (perineum) where you will bind the end of the sound, while with the other you move the cock in different angles. Just push gently and very slowly, and you will see the sound emerging. If this doesn’t work, you always can put the hand at the end of the cock and standup, controlling that the sound doesn’t go out too quickly. It’s gravity what will take it out easily.

Never push. Never never push, never push, never push. Let gravity be your ally. Many times, you just need to move the cock in different angles to let the sound find its way gently. I usually move the cock until it gets vertical, to make the sound slide down, and then I move the cock down while pressing the perineum to see the sound emerge, and again down, and up… a gentle fuck, slowly, and enjoying it.

Avoid masturbation, but rather than that, massage the cock. You don’t want to shake your cock with a metal stick there that can puncture. But you will feel the urge. Massage the cock, indeed it will increase the arousal and you will feel like you need to cum. But you won’t be able to cum, or at least not easily. The sound doesn’t leave space for the proper ejaculation to happen. I managed to ejaculate and the sperm couldn’t exit, so the pressure of the orgasm was like an explosion in my balls. I didn’t like it, it was strange feeling, not pleasant, and I was a bit dizzy after.

Edge play, following up from the massage, it’s a fabulous way of torturing a sub or slave. Try on yourself so you understand what I mean. Massage your cock with the sound there, just rubbing the shaft up and down all the way of your cock. Massage the perineum and press it gently, feel there the tip of the sound and learn how to give more crazy pleasure.

Once you master it in yourself, you can be really mean with a slave have him in chastity for a week, doing a session including things that makes him enjoy and precum like crazy (bondage, humiliation, impact, whatever he likes most) in which he is not allowed to cum, and at the end while tied, sound him (of course with previous agreement as with everything else) and massage the cock for some time while controlling. The inability to cum with the sound will bring real desperation. Pure edging, pure control.

Still space for one more idea? Once sounded, wrap your cock gently with rope, as I proposed. In one side, the sounds don’t usually stay there in its place. You usually have to hold it, and it can happen that a move expulses the sound.

I have ropes ready to there for the play. Note that those ropes might have been touching stuff and not be sterilized. A good tip is to use always a new piece cut from the properly stored macrame rope. I will still use the gloves but without touching the sound while I touch the rope, and then change gloves at the end. The rope shouldn’t be too strong tied, just gentle and doing pressure, as this will keep the sound trapped in the urethra.

I like to be extra-paranoid with safety when it’s about sound play, so I pick a condom and I cover the cock with the metal sound already inside, and then I wrap with the macrame rope on top of it. The condom will prevent the sound from going out as well, while separating the sound from the rope. I usually tie just the bottom half of cock and the balls, so I can leave the “condomed” shaft exposed for some rubbing.

In this scenario, I’m adding the pressure from the cock and balls rope bondage, the sounding, and the edge play for the time I can stand. And as the sound is trapped and protected by the condom, I don’t have to worry that it goes out expulsed, neither worried to touch other things, so I tend to remove the gloves and play with my tits, rub the shaft, rub the ropes, press the perineum…

Lastly, if you go into sounding, someday you might want to try a catheter. It took me a pair of years after starting with sounding to discover this, in a great play with a great guy in Munich. On a sling, I was inserted a foley catheter that reached the bladder. In that moment I stopped controlling pee, and I was just drained. The loose of control of my cock and bladder was very strong, and when the balloon was inflated I just wanted to come.

So for the advanced gimps once trust is gained and the play has been agreed, it can be very interesting to add foley catheters in domination scenes with bondage, to increase this particular headspace. The safety observations mentioned above must be observed even much more carefully. Peeing after sounding is the way to clean the urethra, but cleaning the bladder is not something we can do equally. Of course, catheters are of one single use always, but still remember that even experienced nurses might face infections due to catheters, so this is a play that must be discussed well in advanced, and understand not just the risks, but also any symptoms after in order to go to the doctor.

And of course, just make sure you don’t play with sounds or catheters, or engage in any sort of medical play in a sex club. This is really a very serious activity, much more risky than fisting.

Anything else I could be adding in this menu? Yes, electro. And this will come in my next post. Stay tuned!

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