Electrosex: surfing the crest of the wave

Kinky self pleasures: stretching and sounding
January 16, 2021
Dildo materials and brands
July 22, 2021
Kinky self pleasures: stretching and sounding
January 16, 2021
Dildo materials and brands
July 22, 2021
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Erotic e-stim is my favourite practice these days. In both the context of a M/s session and as a kinky self pleasures. It allows surfing at the crest between pain and pleasure, regulated easily from a knob. And it works very well.

This provider of “mechanical masturbation” is cheaper that it seems. I got my first TENS unit for less than 50 euros, and despite not bringing the amazing built-in programs from a full-featured unit, I can do my favourite electrosex recipe, as it involves manual control. Recipe that I use in most of the occasions with dildo play.

Electrosex can be used to intensify an orgasm, but also delaying it through edging, forcing it as in milking,… it’s about strategically placing the electrodes of the 2 channels and learning how to play with the wave and intensity. It allows to drive a trip from different scenes where I can stimulate differently the prostate, the ass and the cock. It also strengthens pleasure-pain association while surfing the edge, so the limits tend to expand from session to session.

Electrosex is one of the safest BDSM practices, if a very few rules are always respected:

  • Don’t engage in e-stim if pregnant, epileptic, with heart issues or with a pacemaker
  • Don’t connect anything above the waist
  • Don’t use piercings as electrodes
  • Never use on damaged skin (burned, irritated, wounds…)
  • Use TENS/EMS units, NEVER use mains (don’t become Toby Taylor)
  • Only move the electrodes with unit stopped, and do it one by one. You don’t want to be touching 2 connected pads of the same channel with each of the hands.
  • Don’t let 2 electrodes of the same channel touch each other, or you will cause a short circuit

My e-stim plays happen below the waist, where the massive stimulation happens. However years ago I was put monopolar electrodes in the nipples, creating a circuit between them. Very dangerous, nothing happened, but it’s a matter of luck and risk. Never ever again.

However, electro nipple play can happen by playing with bipolar clamps, each channel in each nipple. TENS unit have a galvanic separation between the 2 channels that prevents the creation of a circuit between the 2 channels. However, it’s about feeling uneasy or not with relaying on the TENS unit quality of design. Risk is never zero when playing above the waist, so just follow the rule of keeping all below the waist and you you will be safe.

I find very well put together the How to Practice Electrosex Like a Pro post, which has some good considerations like current flow and types of muscular contractions, among others. I also enjoy the Uberkinky beginners’s guide, including videos. On top of those guides, let me add my 2 cents here.

  • Start with a cheap but reliable TENS unit. It won’t replace the multiple opportunities from pro boxes like well known 2B or ET312B, but even for the electro passionate, having a portable small unit allows having a play in any place without big preparations, even in a club. My unit is a Sanitas SEM 43 (formerly branded as Viltalcontrol) that I bought for 30 euros. It’s been very well used for around 8 years now and I only need to buy regularly new pads and occasionally new wires. As I’m using more often the unit with play partners, I keep a separate set of new pads. You might want to look at units like this one or other affordable versions. Always make sure they are known brands – if you are in the EU, make sure they have the CE mark. You might find some TENS unit brands mentioned in the guide I already referred.
  • Pads are enough for great fun. You don’t need to spend money in complements to really enjoy electro. Some of them will come in the future, but note that pads combine easily with CBT and stretching through laces and ropes. They have big surface so you can increase the intensity and have more fine-grain control, which allows to surf the crest of the wave and explore the “3 levels” of estimulation.
  • Vibration, contraction, pain. The first level in electro is a vibration, it feels nice and apparently doesn’t bring much. But it’s not true – it starts to numb the nerves. And this is important for the progression that electro has. Then it comes the contraction of muscles. It depends on the intensity of the current and how big is the muscle. And finally, it comes the pain. Well, too much intensity and we will end with fried eggs, which is not desired
  • Complementary stimulation. The contraction is controlled through the electricity but it can be complemented by own contraction. This is important – electrosex doesn’t replace the own stimulation but can be complementary. If there is no stimulation, it creates one. If it exists, it complements it. If I “impulse” the cock to go high, if electro is happening, they combine and I feel the erection much more joyful.
  • The individual 0-to-50 journey. Each of us must find our own range of play first, and understand that as within the same session, the range will grow. When I play with someone, I find first the baseline and through different waves going up and down I find the initial pain limit. Then I tend to use a relation ship of growth of x1.5, meaning that in that session of 30 minutes I might expand the limit in that factor.

    Let me put some numbers. My TENS box reaches 50, so translate the numbers to your own box. Placing the electrodes on cock and balls as I will explain later, newbies usually starts feeling the vibration at 3-5, and the pain starts at 8-10 in the first moment. If my play partner is enjoying, the scene continues and the genitals get numb and used to those levels, so 10-15 minutes of wave play might turn into the vibration felt nicely at 8-10 and the pain starting around 12-15. Do the calculation: 8 x 1.5 = 12, 10 x 1.5 = 15.

    After 30 minutes play, I might have reached even peaks of 18-19. Normally at that stage the baseline of the wave is 12 and I grow into 12 x 1.5 = 18. In some cases the first play reached 12 maximum, other times 15, other times 20, rarely beyond 20.
  • Reaching contraction by conquering the pain. When I started with electro, I would stop at 20. At some point, when I conquered 25, I realized that it was around 25 when for me I was getting my cock stiff. As my baseline was growing due to higher tolerance to the pain, the light pain turned into pleasure and I started enjoying getting hard just with electrosex. I know people that as didn’t get the contraction, they stopped playing. But indeed at some stage when the umbral of contraction is reached, a new dimension of play happens, as there is stronger association from pleasure and pain while the cock is stiff.
  • Cock spanking. In the middle of an electro session, my cock has already lost some sensitivity and is a bit numb. Electrified, hard and mumified. With big care with my hands, I spank my cock, starting slowly. I use the hand and usually I do it on the shaft. It’s a great way of estimulation that I recommend. One play I like to do is to do waves with electro while I spank. The spanking can be harder with more electricity as it’s numb, but when the electricity is lower is when the spanking brings more pleasure, so spanking along the shaft up and down could even cause an orgasm
  • Go unipolar! For years I thought that bipolar toys where the best. Once I tried a bipolar buttplug and it just fucked my ass because was contracting and relaxing the sphincter. But the estimulation is very located in a short area. However, a channel with 2 unipolar connectors crosses more areas, and strategically placed can be much more stimulating.

    However, unipolar means that we need to be careful of the circuit. If the extremes are very much separated, the current will find its way through the least resistant path, and this might not be always a straight line. Keep below the waist for unipolar play.
  • The anal hunger (thanks prostate!). A current from the asshole (just a pad or with an unipolar buttplug) and the front side of the balls will cross the prostate. That creates a strong anal hunger that I use to ride dildos. If the electro play is nice and long for above 30 minutes, I have the hunger for hours. Also, note that electricity will add numbness, so it’s a good way to remove sensitivity in anal play. And as a third advantage for anal play, I can play with waves to contract and relax the muscles around the dildos, which at the side of the anal pleasure in itself, it tends to expand limit. Some big dildos made their way for the first time in the deepest areas of my ass thanks to a gentle electro play.

With all this said, let me share now Wolf’s electrosex recipe. As it’s optimized to include dildo play, you might want to have your ass clean and get a pair of your plugs or dildos. Pig something that you can seat comfortable on and even jump on your chair or sofa without risk of damage or perforation. A short 10-15 cm length one that touches the prostate is always a good choice.

This recipe is based on using the 2 channels of the TENS unit. First channel will connect the top of your cock (A1) with the rear side of your balls (A2). The second channel will connect the front of the balls (B1) with the ass (B2, either the asshole or the area above).

With this, the first current will stimulate the cock by crossing all its extension and cross the balls in one direction, and the second current will cross as well the balls as a second current through them, cross the prostate area and end on the asshole area where the sphincters are.

It allows to do an electro session in which through first channel the cock gets stiff, and through second channel the ass goes hungry. With both currents, we torture the balls and we can increase pain. It’s all about lowering one and increasing the other, then doing the opposite, then all together.

1. Sit comfortably and pick one of the shoe laces. Pick the center and do just 2 loops, ensuring the laces are flat, like wrapping as if you would be mummifying. As you would do with your shoe, secure it in the front of the balls, just under the cock, but don’t do a knot. Don’t press too much. If you press too much it will end being painful, and the electro will intensify that pain. You might want to discover this at a later stage of your journey.

Now you have 2 ends of the laces. One will be used to do a 8-figure on the balls to wrap them, and the other will be used to go around the base of the balls.

2. We need to place now one electrode of each channel on the balls pads. Don’t put the 2 electrodes of one single channel in this setup. Once they are there, pick shoe lace tail 1 and cross the balls as the first side of an X. Make shoe lace tail 2 go around the balls stretching them while securing tail 1. It must go on top of tail 1. Now tail 1 can cross again the balls completing the X. At the other side, tail 2 again will secure on top while adding another ball stretch.

3. End the wrap in stretching. Once you have done 2 X crosses on top of the balls, both tails will just go in circles stretching the balls until you finish doing a square knot. With time you can try stretching more the balls with the X as well, and separating each of your nuts, or add more rope and stretch out the balls.

One recommendation. If you are uncut, make sure your cock is free to grow while you wrap your balls. Take your time to grab your balls, stretch them, relax them, massage them. Enjoy the process as a ritual. The stimulation will already start making your cock stiff, which is desired for the next step.

4. Turn for cock wrapping. Pick the pad belonging to the electrode that will connect with the one at the base of the balls. Picking the wrong one won’t harm you, indeed it will be a lighter version of this play as the electricity will not cross the balls. If you want to start light and not have your balls crossed by the 2 currents, you can do that.

Put the pad on the shaft, as close as possible to the base of the head. The higher it is, the more extension of the cock will be stimulated. And then pick the second shoe lace and from the base of your cock, start wrapping down. If y ou do from the top of the cock and pressing a bit, the blood flow is a bit more restricted and the cock keeps the stiffness more easily.

5. It’s not important that the cock is not yet full rock when wrapping, but it’s better than is not totally down. With the electricity, if the level for contraction is reached, it will grow, so if you tied well the cock and it was not at its full, the wrap will press and the blood foll will be reduced, so it will be very pleasurable and with some light pain that will add more intensity to the play.

If it’s totally down and the loops therefor are not allowing space for growing, you might experience a nice pressure but at some point the cock will be numb with no blood accumulated and it will not grow. For me, the magic is in keeping the cock full of blood, hard and numb. This is why it’s good to play with what stimulates you, either nipples, ass, cock, balls… and have some level of stiffness while wrapping.

6. Put the last pad under your asshole. Sit on it. Even press your ass into it so all the extension of the entrance of the ass is touched by the pad. Fisters, go and push out your rosebud gently and turn up channel B gradually, trust me. When I do this, I look for the pleasure there and not the pain. If i abuse it or I go too much into the pain, I will just end with the ass irritated. The goal is to relax and bring some numbness and the prostate hunger, so it’s a matter of being patient and exploring gently.

Turn the music on and start surfing! Start with both channels, very gradually, use the + and – in each to try the different plays I suggested, now more in the channel A, now more in the channel B, now both. Do manual waves in steps of 5, like starting in your baseline in 8 and then for every second step up 5 units until 13, and then try to stay there. Then down 5 units, rest and again. Sometimes step up 6 and go down 4, and gradually go increase. Use the music you use in your sessions and use it to get inspiration and dance with the electrons.

At some point just stop totally by pushing the main stop button, enjoy the feeling of the sudden stop and then start again increasing from 0 to where you were playing. This is the type of play I mean by surfing the crest of the waves, and enjoying the different sensations, the difference between the pleasure and the pain, and go finding the crest. Learn to do your waves!

Also, learn about the different programs. If you have a sex-oriented device, the programs will be very oriented to the pleasure. With TENS devices for sport massage, you get to learn by practice which are the best ones. In the Sanitas box, 6 is for me the best continuous one, followed by 3 which is like a feeling of needles and explores more into the pain.

Did you try my previous proposal for sounding? Go big! Start with sounding, and when you have the size you enjoy, add the pad and close the cock with a condom, wrap your boy and play electro with the sound in.

And if you go mad with all of this, then you can consider getting an electrosound, an unipolar butt plug, and save money for one of those fabulous big boxes that even allow to connect the music as a way to bring the electro spikes. In the meantime, take your time to find which are the hot spots where to place the pads, as this will let you also decide which are the best accessories to buy based on the locations you enjoy most.

And if you are in a D/s or M/s relationship, you might want to suggest bringing such play to your top/Dom/Master 1-to-1 “conversations”. It can be very stimulating to follow His orders about the level to use at any moment. It’s not going to be like those fabulous sessions with the sadistic creativity of Master controlling the knobs, but electrosex can still bring some opportunities in those virtual plays.

Take care, play safe, and happy electric surf!

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