Chastity and orgasm denial

Compatible attitudes
August 29, 2022
10 tips to prepare a BDSM session
March 18, 2023
Compatible attitudes
August 29, 2022
10 tips to prepare a BDSM session
March 18, 2023
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I enjoy chastity with total orgasm denial because it strengthens the submission in an incredible high. I believe it requires already existing trust with the Master or Dom, as it will add a certain degree of vulnerability – the limits expand with the continuous arousal and it’s easier to say ‘Yes’. And with this trust, I can be free to fly under the more intensified experiences around surrendering, worshipping and acceptance. The arousal is intense and doesn’t end, and a session can last longer, with more and longer scenes. Even doing the household (or playroom) chores generates excitement.

I do chastity the weeks before a session, and also during the session until permission to cum is granted. I do it by willpower, without a cage. My cock will grow all it wants, but there will be no relief. In the gatherings with my Master, I’m happy if He decides to use a cage as I get the extra rush from the headspace of being under control. But chastity for me, as said already, is the commitment to not cumming, and not necessarily by wearing a cage or belt.

I experience different effects from cum denial depending on the number of days, and that makes it different if I’m going to be the Master of the session or the slave of it.

Up to five days of cum denial is what I tend to incorporate as a Master. The main effect is the increased sensitivity which makes me enjoy being kissed, touched and explored. The erogenous areas expand and I get extra energetic. My sadistic side is intensified, and despite (I believe) I keep my gradual style, I put more time in each step. I relish longer scenes amidst the nice arousal.

I start feeling the intensified submission at the end of the first week. My balls are full and the constant horniness becomes a nice baseline. I had to train myself to be able to stand the second week and focus with daily activities. In the beginning I would randomly get a boner. I had to stop myself and not touch my nipples, and cursing too often. I learned to breathe deeply to relax and get back the focus. Breathing becomes a way to relax and not focus on the cock and the need to cum.

In the third week, my balls are full, the feelings and sensitivity are at its peak of intensity. I feel that the level is then at that high in a continuum when going into further weeks. If I press the pelvic area (e.g. exercise, toilet business…) some cum leaves the cock. CBT becomes a challenge as the balls are sore and too sensitive.

It took me a few periods of chastity to learn to manage daily life in the third and fourth weeks. However, I avoid going on those lengths in times of stress or conflicts. Any conflict that arises at home or work can experience some degree of intensification. I make every possible effort to double think any words that might come harsh, however I find that the best strategy is to keep orgasm denial up to two weeks in those times when daily life gets a bit more complicated.

At this moment five weeks is the longest I have been without cumming, so I cannot tell if at some point in time keeping long term cum denial is easier. I personally have concerns around long term cum denial anyway – a pair of times the soreness transformed into difficulties to pee, which disappeared when I was finally able to cum. Once I had an urinary infection while in chastity, not caused by it but happening at the end of the first week The antibiotics resolved the problem, however I still felt some discomfort which went away only after the orgasm, one that literally cleared the pipes.

There are references around the impact of chastity in prostate health, so I’m inclined for long term chastity but with occasional relief every 2 or 3 weeks. Quite a few enthusiasts of long term chastity include those healthy orgasms but in adopting the ruined orgasm approach, a milking or a rewarded orgasm with the associated bill in the form of hard punishment.

As part of my way of going through those weeks of cum denial, I do edging by having my own dildo sessions and even electro. I call them dry sessions because they don’t end in an orgasm. The feelings are intense and enhanced, and by edging I breath deeply and train myself not to cum. It’s hard because I must end them abruptly – my body is not getting the relief and continues in a horny state that would make me play and play and play, without stopping.

I do those dry sessions for three reasons. First, a one-hour dry session is like adding two additional days. With 3 dry parties scattered in one single week I feel the equivalent arousal of two weeks of cum denial. Second, I enjoy the play itself as it’s more intense but at the end it turns into a torture, as the party ends in increased frustration and horniness without relief. It’s a sweet torture that I’m offering as part of the worship, so at the end I am proud to inform of not having failed in my commitment and that I’m offering the agreed time and the additional sessions of self torture.

And the third reason is that it’s a very effective way of training endurance of oneself not cuming, even if stimulated. I’m very turned on by edging with cum denial. If there is failure, the orgasm is a ruined one around the shame of failure, and this adds a punishment, and not in a rewarding way. I find it a sweet sadistic play perfect for pain pigs.

As a last experience to share on the topic, a warning around cock cages. They are very hot and add their bit on the experience, but as a long-term device cages might not work for everyone, especially at night.

I have tried a pair of times wearing my cock cage in 24/7. I’ve followed the basics, I’ve checked that the size is right and doesn’t restrict blood flow, I’ve followed the advice of using lubricant even before going to sleep and using comfortable underwear (e.g. jocks), and still I ended up waking up at 3am with my balls cold and sore, pinched in some way or the other. I move a lot when sleeping and I easily crush my balls with the cage cockring or the cage itself. And it’s never good to have cold or blue balls. Doctors recommend not using a cockring over 30 minutes, I believe they can be used longer than that with proper monitoring, but the idea of a full night without control… not for me.

My advice is always being gradual, and making sure that there is an agreement in advance with the Master or Keyholder around what to do if thing is not working well, specially at night. Waking up Master or breaking the plastic chastity lock will be noticed and will mostly bring a punishment. But it’s the price that as a sub or slave one must pay – health comes first, and genitals are specially a serious matter.

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