November 12, 2019

Switching: being a Master and a slave

My slave is excited and a bit scared as well. In a few weeks my Master is coming to town, and I will be a devoted slave to my Master, and at the same time the Master of my slave. Are you already seeing the challenges that can come, and the different tortuous scenes that might develop during those days? What happens when your Sir is a switch? What if as slave, the Master of your Sir commands you to use your Sir as furniture? Would it be fair to get retaliation after?
June 5, 2018

Hello kinksters! Here my story…

Now I quite laugh when I remember the first “kinky” thing of my life, it was my grandmother telling me an invented story when I was 9 about a girl that in her way to school, would be approached by a man inside his car offering candies, then that man would kidnap the girl and tie her on a chair and put a gag to stop her from crying. Despite the story intended to be a scary one and made to prevent me from going into strangers cars, indeed caused me a double reaction, as I was fearing the situation of course, but at the same time made me sort of feel a strange kick while visualising me tied and gagged, an “uncomfortable” feeling that I couldn’t understand at that time.