August 7, 2021

Wolf’s positions for dildo play

For me, a single dildo and position tends to last around 5 minutes, so to get a session and not end up bored after 10 minutes, I have learned to combine a variety of toys and positions to experience different sensations. The key to pleasure is in the variety!
July 22, 2021

Dildo materials and brands

My preference is having a selection of silicone, vinyl, PVC and metal. I try to have a few of each, because each material brings different sensations and plays, and there are days that my ass is not feeling like enjoying one, so I switch to another material.
November 13, 2020

With patience and lube

There is this well known say in Spanish that it is with patience and saliva that the elephant fucked the ant. I think that lubricants and dildos might have helped speed up things between the ant and the elephant, but for sure patience has been key in my own journey.