May 3, 2020

The morning ritual

The black door opened. Just a few seconds later a naked body crawled reaching out the terrace. Uncertain movements followed by the rhythmic noise of the padded mittens and the tinkling chain of the leash. The chain was locked to a thick rubber collar, black as was also the head. A rubber shape with no eyes and a wide leather strap covering the mouth.
July 20, 2018

Kinky London: party preparations

The plan for the night was the Rubber Gear party in club Fire, and I had all the rubber outfit ready. Or at least the plan A. The unusual (and very much appreciated) heat wave in London made me wonder if the venue for the coming night was going to be hot as hell and I would end melting inside the rubber singlet, so I had the perfect excuse to visit Fetish Freak shop to pick rubber jocks to have as plan B, if required.
July 17, 2018

Kinky London: KlubSpankz

I was very hungry of a good flogging session, as last one had been in March when I had great spanking time with my Master, and my back and ass hadn't felt anymore the cuddle of a single flogger stripe. So, I brought in my playing bag a pair of floggers, a gag and restraints in case that I would find a trustful guy, otherwise I could be myself the one spanking a willing sub. I found myself going down a basement very close to King's Cross. It reminded me a bit of the old cruise bar La Base in Barcelona, the first one: small, smell of sex and sweat on the walls and in the dark corners... and a nice St Andrew's cross that caused me a hard on as I was seeing myself there.